The Honourable Woman, “The Paring Knife”

When you are about to defend yourself / your opinion / your outfit to some jerk



- If you’re a taxi driver, you got lousy tips. If you’re a mailman, you got barking dogs. And if you’re a hooker, you got this.
- Were there any methods in particular that you found useful?
- Hands, mouth, you know, whatever worked.

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Dedicado a todos los antihéroes atormentados de la TV. ¡BRA-VO! 

Spoiler #MastersOfSex 2x07.

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But a lakehouse is a good start, and you know what? You should go with us.

the good wife season 5 gag reel (x)

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"It’s the truth" Gini Johnson. #MoS 2x01 

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